The guide to effective marketing communications

At Ajax, we're passionate about our brand no less than helping our partners build a successful business.
And we understand that it is critically important to have concrete tools that help communicate the idea to the target audience. This guide compiles marketing materials, templates, and recommendations on applying the Ajax brand identity. Use them in creating effective ads to reach your customers, and bring the boldest commercial ideas to life.

Responsible Use

Mentioning Ajax

The correct spelling of Ajax brand and company name:
Brand name: Ajax
Company name: Ajax Systems
Do not type either one in ALL CAPS.

Difference with Ajax Systems

We have the same goal but different communication strategies.

Make your brand names, domains, and social media distinct from those that belong to Ajax Systems.

When communicating with your clients, avoid using materials that may mislead them and create an impression that you are a manufacturer of Ajax products.

Where not to use Ajax company, brand, and product names:

  • in your company name
  • in the names of your products
  • in domain or subdomain site names
  • in social media account handles or names

Clearly indicate the Ajax partner status on your website, in marketing materials, and other communication channels.

Use the co-branding logo and partner tag on your website, in marketing materials and other creative assets.

Using Ajax in your company name

Using Ajax in domain names

Do not register domain and subdomain names that include Ajax company and/or its product names, or anything similar that may mislead your customers.

If you’d like to use the word "ajax" in the url, make it part of your URL path.

Using Ajax in social media profile names

Indicating the Ajax partner status

Use an applicable Ajax partner status that represents your actual and confirmed relationship with Ajax Systems
The use of made-up partner statuses is prohibited:

Using the Ajax content on your website

Avoid plagiarism. Do not copy and paste texts from the official Ajax website. Otherwise, you risk lowering the search engine ranking of your website. Use plagiarism checkers to create a text that is at least 75% unique.

Don’t try to repeat the design of the Ajax official website completely. Instead, use it as a reference.

Using and referencing Ajax videos

Create original videos featuring Ajax. Or share and embed the ones available on Ajax YouTube channels.

Do not download and re-upload any of the Ajax official videos to your websites and social media, partly or entirely.

Using and referencing other creative assets

We’ve prepared a library of graphic materials and visual assets. Having a partner status, you can use images from this library for your website. Get creative with them to produce your marketing content, but remember to follow the brand guidelines.

Adding changes to Ajax materials

If you want to add changes to our templates, graphic materials, and visual assets, please contact us for approval.

Tone of Voice
or how to talk about the product


Give a good reason to believe in the product and want it. Always explain “why Ajax” and talk about its benefits in plain language:
What makes a product desired and meaningful? Present Ajax through its value for the audience and confirm it with clear real–life examples:


Ajax is a defender, quiet power. There is no need to make overpromises. Persuasively speak only about the real benefits of the product.
Calm does not mean dull. Use irony. Don't be too serious, look for figurative comparisons:


Ajax is known for a balanced, clear and concise design. Perfect engineering solutions create a valuable and complete product.
Be an engineer in your communications. Cut off the excess and find the right arguments. Choose the formats that best solve the problem: text, graphics, video.
Listen carefully to the client and find out their needs. Respond to them with a precise expert message that hits right on target:

And finally,

Use the content from This is your assistant when choosing the most bright and effective arguments.


Main logo

Place the logo on a clear background: white, black, light gray.
Leave free space around the logo.
Do not change the color, size, or shape of the logo. Also, do not use additional visual effects.

Additional sign

Place the sign on a clear background: white, black, light gray.
Do not use additional symbols with the main logo.

Logo + tagline

The following taglines can be used with the main logo:

Partner branding logo

Combine your logo with the Partner Ajax logo using these templates:
Use a co-branded logo when you want to emphasize your partnership with Ajax Systems or your partner status. For instance, on the visuals for co-marketing campaigns. Select a co-branded logo that represents your actual relationship with Ajax Systems.

Partner tag

Use partner tag templates when there is no need in a co-branded logo:
Use the partner tag when you want to emphasize your partnership with Ajax Systems but can’t use the co-branded logo. For instance, on the web pages where your logo is already placed in the header; or in any other graphic materials where a co-branded template would make your logo appear twice.
Do not alter the naming of partner tags. Do not change the design of any official templates.

Ajax technology logos

OS Malevich

A real-time operating system for Ajax hubs and range extenders.

Ajax Cloud

A cloud server that ensures communication between security systems and the Ajax apps, alarm transmission, and OS Malevich updates.


A tool to integrate Ajax products with third-party apps, services, billing and CRM systems.


A secure two-way radio technology for communication between Ajax security system devices.

Ajax Translator

An app to establish communication between Ajax security systems and third-party monitoring software. Ajax Translator converts the notifications received from hubs into event protocol supported by the CMS software.


A digital algorithm for comparing the frequency components of IR sensor signals. Is used in outdoor detectors to determine the type of a moving object.

Logos of Ajax apps


Color proportions

Main colors









Black and white


Additional colors

We use an additional color palette for color coding only. This technique helps visually differentiate any uniformly shaped objects. It also makes it easier to read graphic information and use complex interfaces.








Examples of color coding:



We use the Roboto font. It has five styles: Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, and Black. They are sufficient to build a visual hierarchy without having to use any additional fonts.
Imagine that the text is music and the lines are notes. You may get bored listening to such a melody:
To make a vibrant text, you should combine large and small fonts, as well as thin-lined and bold. Build a hierarchy of relationships between the primary and secondary parts of your message.

How to construct a type hierarchy

Let’s consider several combinations.


When there is a heading, a subheading, and a body text.


When there is a heading and a body text.

When using ALL CAPS is appropriate

When a text is part of a graphic layout, and we want the line to form an even edge on top and bottom. Examples:

How to use ALL CAPS

We very rarely type in capital letters. However, when it is justified, be sure to increase the character spacing by 1–2 points.

What you should not do

Do not color or apply any effects to the text.

How to install fonts


  • Download Roboto font family (.zip)
  • Uncompress the archive
  • Search for “fonts” in the Start Menu or go to Start → Control Panel → Appearance and Personalization → Fonts
  • Drag Roboto fonts into the Fonts folder


  • Download Roboto font family (.zip)
  • Double click on the archive to uncompress it
  • Open Font Book (Go to Finder → Applications → Font Book)
  • Select all of the font files and drag them to the Font column (i.e., the second column) of Font Book

Device Information

How to use device images

Depict the devices on a clear background: white, black, light gray.
Do not change the colors
Do not change the shape of the image
Do not place objects on top of the devices
Do not place the devices on top of photos
Do not partially cover the logo on the enclosure.
When depicting multiple devices, observe their proportions.

Correct proportions of Ajax devices


Hub Plus

Hub 2

Hub 2 Plus



MotionProtect Plus



MotionProtect Curtain

MotionProtect Outdoor


DoorProtect Plus




FireProtect Plus







StreetSiren DoubleDeck




Device names spelling

Do not modify device names

Printed Matters

All materials are ready-to-print. To facilitate your communication with print shops we’ve also included technical briefs. For products that are difficult to print we’ve provided photos and videos of how the final results should look like. Partners can use web-versions of the materials for online communications: email campaigns and social media posts.

Partners can see and order Printed Matters from the catalogue or print them.



PRO leaflet

Size 210 mm x 210 mm


Size 210 mm x 105 mm

Branded Merchandise

You can review and order these and others branded merchandise using the catalogue. Or make them yourself using layouts.




Baseball bats


Paper bags

Brand Zones

If you need demo stands for stores, show rooms, and offices, you can order them from us using the catalogue. Or make them yourself.

Wall display stands

Table display stands

Exhibition stands

Ajax Design Recipe

To create designs that works, you need to adhere to just a few simple principles.

Hierarchy and three levers of influence

Imagine that you don’t have any colors, effects, shadows, or pictures. All you’ve got is a font and a black and white palette. How to design a vibrant, yet budget-friendly layout?

For the design to work, you need to learn how to manage the viewer’s attention. The rule is simple: the most contrasting objects will be the first to draw attention. We’ll use size, brightness, and weight to control contrast.

1. Size

The larger the object, the quicker we notice it.

2. Brightness

The lighter a shape against a darker background, the sooner we notice it.

And vice versa: The darker the shape appears against a lighter background, the more attention it draws.

3. Thickness

The bolder the font, the greater its visual weight.

These three simple tools are commonly viewed as the levers through which we regulate the hierarchical relationships between objects.

By applying these imaginary levers, we can construct a message.

Message components

To create designs we use blocks referred to as "components". In this tutorial, we have marked each component with #.

First, we want to draw attention to the product and, by using vivid illustrations, generate initial interest. We refer to the principal image as #keyvisual.


#Keyvisual conveys the gist of the promotional message and imprints the image in the viewer’s memory by stirring up their emotions. #Keyvisual showcases the special properties of the product or tells its story. Our target audience loves beautiful gadgets, and a single image of an Ajax device may at times be sufficient to generate aesthetic excitement and interest. We should allocate about 40% of the layout area for the image.

Now, let’s construct the information hierarchy.


Let’s first consider the most important thing: What is the value of our offer?

For instance: Get a StarterKit for free.

Or: Forget about having to replace batteries for a long time.

We view #value as the highest priority in the information hierarchy; so, we’ll turn up all the three levers to the maximum:


It is important for us that the viewer knows where the offer comes from. So, let’s add #co-branding — company logos. Slightly smaller than the value.


At this stage, the viewer may be ready to take our offer. But how can they do that? Here, we need to provide our contacts. The phone number should be big, but it shouldn’t outweigh the #value. Let’s lower its priority by decreasing its weight.


This is where we demonstrate our value or explain what our offer is about. For example, if the #value were “Forget about having to replace batteries for a long time", the #reason-to-believe would be:
We have worked hard to create Jeweller radio protocol. It saves energy, and our devices operate from bundled batteries for up to 7 years.

Or, if we state that the #value is, “Get a StarterKit for free”, we can detail our promotion. For example:
If you connect to the ARC for a year, you’ll get smart wireless security system for free.


Before calling us, the viewer may want to learn more about our company. So, let’s place the website address on the layout. This will be the 6th position in the hierarchy. We’ll decrease its size and brightness—but use the maximum weight to improve its readability.

And finally, let’s add the proprietary information, which no one reads except the regulatory authorities. Let’s decrease all its parameters to position it at the bottom of the hierarchy.


What else to consider

Let it breathe

Do not try to take up all the free space with your information; add extra line spacing between the logical blocks.

How to highlight a promotion

Use a #promo-badge like this:Promotion
Place it in a free space.

Do not place the #promo-badge on devices and do not use colored fonts.

Horizontal text Only

Do not flip the lines in any direction; all the text should be typed from left to right.

Use contrasting images for printing

Avoid using dark-colored devices against dark backgrounds or white-colored devices against light backgrounds. This is especially true for outdoor advertising. The image may look good on screen, but it will lose its contrast when printed.

Design Builder


In this section, we will continue exploring the #elements and check the examples of their use.

Elements are the spare parts that we use to build designs. Some of them are described in the Design Recipe:

Let’s take a look at a few more elements:


We use this element when a set of devices is a key visual in the layout.

Example of using a #Set-of-devices


We use this element when the key visual has a large device or another image in it, and we need to additionally show a row of several devices.

Examples of using a #Mini-set-of-devices

A <a href="#mini-set-block">#mini-set-of-devices</a> with Ajax logo—when the partner’s logo is placed separately from Ajax logo.
A <a href="#mini-set-block">#mini-set-of-devices</a> without Ajax logo—when a <a href ="#co-branding-block">#co-branding</a> is used.


This is a clear, black and white space that separates the content from the image. It’s useful when there is a lot of information, and it does not overlap with the image.

Examples of using a #Content-field


This semi-transparent element enhances the readability of any text typed over an image.

Examples of using a #dimmer

No dimmer
With a dimmer

Types of layouts and how to use them


If you want to use an interior design image in your layout, follow these principles.

Do not place your devices on top of the image.

Devices need some space, and, when placed on top of an interior design image, they look out of place. For such layouts, use #set-of-devices and #content-field.

What NOT to Do
Using a <a href="#mini-set-block">#mini-set-of-devices</a>
Using a <a href="#set-of-devices-block">#set-of-devices</a> inside a <a href="#contentfield-block">#content-field</a>

Partners can use lifestyle pictures from our gallery.

We have interior design images for any occasion.

A set of devices against an abstract background

When creating such layouts, be sure not to overload the layout with graphics to keep the text readable and maintain a clear hierarchy: what is primary and what is secondary.

The hierarchy of primary and secondary elements is not clear: the elements conflict with each other, and it’s hard to decide where to look first.
A #keyvisual from the library is used; a hierarchy of elements is maintained.
You don’t always need to use background graphics; just arrange the elements according to the Ajax Design Recipe. You can always make your brand stand out with background colors and your #promo-badge.

Person in frame

If a person is shown interacting with a device, try to avoid the following errors.

Be sure to keep the proportions of the objects. In reality, SpaceControl is smaller than the person.
Correctly sized SpaceControl. Less visual noise. #Value is highlighted better. Proper #co-branding.
Do not use devices for non-designated purposes.



Working hours, 24 hours
Detector authentication for protection against forgery, MotionProtect
Detector authentication for protection against forgery, SpaceControl
Buy Ajax
Autonomous operation, battery life
Connecting video surveillance
Ajax Man
False alarm prevention
Grade 3 certificate
Home protection
Instant alarm notification
Protects against robbers, burglary
User Manual
Mounting without disassembling the enclosure MotionProtect
Mounting without tools
Office protection
Ajax products, devices
Connecting by scanning QR code
Update, 14 seconds
Can be connected to a security company CMS, provides monitoring
SmartBracket mounting panel
Ajax kit, StarterKit
Response time 5–7 minutes, security company
Shop and café protection
Ajax technical support service
Detector tamper
Images saving
Photo/video zooming


Computer with macOS
Computer with Windows
Device status
Geofence feature
Events feed
Android smartphone
iOS smartphone, iPhone
Push notifications
Remote configuration
Video surveillance in the app
Phone call


Controlled via the app from anywhere in the world
Three data centers
System settings stored on cloud as anonymized and encrypted data
Hub polling by the server
Over-the-air updates, OTA


Links all Ajax devices
Data encryption
Signal frequency hopping
Jamming resistant

Control Panels (hubs, ReX)

SIM card
SIM and Ethernet, 2 communication channels
2G SIM card
2 SIM cards
Two-way communication
2 SIM cards and Ethernet, 3 communication channels
3G SIM card
Backup battery
Ping, detector polling
New features with every update
4 communication channels
Protection from viruses and cyber attacks
Overload protection
Transmission of photograph series
Device status in the app
Hub with Wi-Fi
Two-way data encryption
Number of detectors, ReX, 99 devices
Number of detectors, ReX, 149 devices
Cargo protocol
ARM processor
Enhances the security system
Communication range, coverage
Replication of information
Notifies of any violations of the integrity of the body
Extends communication range, ReX

Motion Detectors

MotionCam detector
MotionProtect detector
MotionProtect Outdoor detector
MotionProtect Outdoor anti-masking
Ignores birds
Black and white body
Ignores curtains
Temperature compensation
LISA algorithm
Motion detector
Outdoor detector, house
Perimeter security
Pet immunity, paw prints
Photo verification of alarms
Tamper-resistant, MotionProtect
Tamper-resistant, MotionProtect Outdoor
Ignores trees
Two IR sensors, PIR
Territory control
Ignores air flows, wind


Button panic button
Protection against accidental press
Alarm transmission range


DoorProtect detector
Door protection
External contact terminal for connecting third-party detectors
Detects shocks and vibrations
Includes magnets of various sizes for installation on doors and windows
Detects changes in inclination angle
Detects changes in inclination angle, shocks and, vibrations


GlassProtect detector
Window protection
Glass break protection
Ignores extraneous noise (thunder, barking)


FireProtect detector
Autonomous operation, danger notifications through the built-in siren
Carbon monoxide detector
Automatic testing of smoke camera
Fire protection
HazeFlow algorithm
Smoke detector
Smoke and temperature detector
Detector testing by touching the body


LeaksProtect detector
Alarm cancelled after drying
Detects water leaks
Compact body, dimensions
Detects water leaks, contacts


SpaceControl key fob
Displays security status, LED indicator
Panic button
Arm with a single touch, finger and button


Protection against code guessing
Duress code
Activates armed mode with a single click


HomeSiren siren
StreetSiren siren
Protection against dust, hail and rain
External power supply connection
LED indicator, HomeSiren
LED indicator, StreetSiren
Louder than thunder, speaker
Cold-resistant, snowflake
Volume adjustment


Socket smart plug
Resumes operation after power normalization
Suitable for connecting any home appliances, floor lamp
Low power consumption
Alerts about switching on/off
Alerts about power supply loss
Overheating protection
Compatible with EU Type F plugs

Integration Devices

ocBridge Plus integration module
uartBridge integration module
Transmitter integration module
Integration of third-party detectors into Ajax
Can supply power to third-party devices
Operating temperature, humidity
Arming/Disarming through control panel
Dry contact
Operates in pulse and bistable modes
Configuration through a computer, configuration tool
Smart home